17 June 2019  |   सोमवार, असार २, २०७६

Biratnagar Airport to be extended as regional international airport

    | प्रकाशित मितिः मङ्लबार, पुस १७, २०७५  

Biratnagar–Chief Minister of Province-1 Sherdhan Rai has opined for acquiring 250 bighas land to develop the Biratnagar airport into the regional international airport.

While inaugurating the 20th anniversary programme of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal here today, CM Rai said so to extend the airport run way.

He also shared that the decision would be taken to this effect after holding discussions with Prime Minister and Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation next week.

CM Rai further opined for expanding flights to and from the airport.

प्रकाशित मितिः मङ्लबार, पुस १७, २०७५     12:07:57 AM  |

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