People other than locals barred from entering into Kerung

Rasuwa, Oct 15 (RSS):
People other than locals have been temporarily barred from crossing the Rasuwagadhi transit into Kerung, China.

The restriction is a result of the National Congress election to be held from October 18 in China, according to Assistant Chief District Officer Smita Poudel. As a result, Nepalis heading to Kerung for a visit have been stopped at the Miteri bridge, she said.

Hence, people holding temporary pass will be stopped from going across the border for some time. However, the goods carrier trucks and local residents of Rasuwa with a permanent entry pass will not be affected by the new provision, Assistant CDO Poudel said.

Trucks and containers that had crossed over to bring in goods for the Nepali market continue to arrive. But no further additional information has been shared by the Chinese side, the District Police Chief Sharat Kumar Thapa Chettri said.


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