Dubai Security SIRA exam most important answer questions. please Read the given below.

Dubai; A security officer (or security guard ) is a person who is paid to protect property assent or people . They are Usually privately and Formally employed Civilian Personnel. Security Officer or guard generally Uniformed and act to protect property.

Security guard is the best job of dubai. these is Attractive job, good Salary and good Facility to dubai Security guard .If you want to do these job you have Passed slc, 5.6 hight,  good in english and hindi language fastly read and write it. you need to compulsory pass in the dubai security guard (SIRA) exam. but how to pass in the exam? Read the tips given below.

Read the following Sentence Carefully and indicate Wheather they are TRUE or FALSE .you mark your Options in the Separate answer Sheets given to you.

  1. Security Officers would be a deterrent to crime.
  2. Passes issued to Visitors Should contain the date of Issue or expiry.
  3. Slips,trips and falls are common reasons for accidents.
  4. The purpose of access control is not to control entry from the premises.
  5. All security Compaies in UAE need not regster theit activities with the dps and obtain a license.
  6. Passes issued to visitors need not have a date of expiry on them.
  7. A security officers can,t conduct a search without permission of the person being searched.
  8. While searching,words like please and thank you will not help to maintain a normal atmosphere.
  9. Illness shouldn,t be considered to be an emergency.
  10. Service providers must renew their employee,s licenses within 30 days of their expiry.
  11. Using a radio to report a suspicious devece mayn,t lead to an explosion should the device be remotely.
  12. When searching vehicals the driver should be asked not to switch of the engine.
  13. A gurds should not be concerned about other peoples safety before that of their own.
  14. Discrimination in when you treat the other person well due to his race or color.
  15. Hearsay evidence is acceptable by the police .
  16. A security Gurd,s employer is not an example external client.
  17. It is Permitted to discuss what a Guard does at his workplace with family and friends.

Answers ; 1- true 2- false 3- true 4 –false 5- true 6- false 7- true 8- false 9 – false 10- false 11 -false 12- false 13 true 14 –false 15 –true 16 –true 17- false

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