Dubai Security SIRA exam most important tips, please Read the given below.

Security Guard is the best job of Dubai. these is Attractive job, good Salary and good Facility to Dubai Security guard .If you want to do these job you have Passed SLC, 5.6 hight,  good in English and Hindi languageFastly read and Write it. You need to Compulsory pass in the Dubai security guard (SIRA) exam. but how to pass in the exam? Read the tips given below.

1. What is the relationship between the Police and security Officers?



c. Relative

d. All of the above

2. What is CPR ?

a. caradio pain report

b. caradio pulmonary rest

c. compression pulmonary resucitation

d. cardio pulmonary resuscitation

3. What is intail response when a security officer discover a fire?

a. sound the alarm

b. call the fire brigade

c. Evacuate

d. immediately go out

4. When communicating face to face 10% of our mesage is delivered by

a. body language

b. tone of voice

c. words

d. none of the above

5. Which of the following will not minimize the risk of infection to self and other ?

a. Reduce contact with blood 

b. The use of barrier  device

c. Good practice of personal hygiene

6. Intruder system detectors are looking for infra red,vibration and what is the other on

a. camera

b. pointers

c. microwave

d. Name of the above

7. it is the preconceived opinion base on little or no fact ?

a. Stereotyping

b. prejudice

c. Discrimination

8. Raised curbs falls under /

a. Mechanical 

b. Electronicals

c. Manual

d. Electrical

9. What are the types of patrolling use in high voluable areas ?

a. initial

b. interim

c. special or snap

d. last patrolling

10. What is the recommended height of fire extinguisher placement on the wall ?

a. 1 to 2 meters

b. 1 to 5 meters

c. 11 to 15 meters 

d. 3 to 4 meters

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