Government Can Not Live Up To Public Expectation-Ex-PM Bhattarai

Pokhara, Feb 15 (RSS): Naya Shakti Nepal Coordinator and former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the incumbent government has failed to take headways as per the people’s expectations.

Today, a face-to-face program organized here today by Parliamentary Reporters’ Forum Gandaki province, Dr. Bhattarai noted that the public has predicted much of the government as it was formed by the federal democratic republic.

Although the government is required to take giant leaps in the development of people’s aspirations to live, its current speed is very generic and sluggish.

He also criticized the government for not concrete to consolidate the economy.

Saying that the prevalence of poverty and unemployment is over the time, he pointed out the need to uphold the level of two-digit economic growth rate so that the average per capita income to Rs 10,000 to reach.

Attaining prosperity is not possible without investment from private sector, Dr. Bhattarai said there is no option but to gradually enable the environment for investment.

The former PM also highlighted the importance of road infrastructure development for prosperity and suggested that the Koshi, Kaligandaki and Karnali corridors constructed on the emphasis of the government.


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