How to pass dubai security exam ? Read the most important tips given below.

kathmandu,28 febreary; A Security officer (r security guard ) is a person Who is paid to protect Property assent or people . they are usually privately and formally employed civilian personnel. security officer or guard generally uniformed and act to protect property.

Security guard is the best job of Dubai. these is attractive Job, good salary and good facility to Dubai security guard .If you want to do these job you have passed SLC, 5.6 Hight,  good in English and Hindi language Fastly read and write it. you need to compulsory pass in the dubai security guard (SIRA) exam. but how to pass in the exam? Read the tips given below.

Most important topics.

FIRE;(Most important)
1- What is fire?
– Fire is chemical reaction between three element heat, fuel and oxygen .
2- Name the classes of fire?
A- solid thing that can burn
B- flammable liquid gasses. (European )
C- flammable equipment (american )
C- electrical equipment (american )
D- metal, cooking oil, butter, lard, fats.
3- What are the source of heat?
sun, overheating of equipment ,electrical
parts, sparks.
4- From where do you get oxygen ?
in the air, 21% of the air is oxygen .
5-What is fuel?
anything that can be burn.example :wood ,paper, metal.
6-color code of extinguisher?
water-read, foam- cream, powder- blue , Co2- black ,wet chemical -yellow .
7- What is P.A.S.S?
pull- pull out the locking pin
Aim- aim the nozzle at the Bess of the fire.
Squeeze- squeeze the trigger .
Sweep- sweep from side to side.
8-What is fire blanket ?
special types of blanket with chemical used to cut of oxygen supply .
9-Records to be kept in Cace of fire?
loog book, DOB ,incident report ,witness statement ,evidence log etc.
10- What is Co2?
it is gas,it is very cold and freeze and make big noise when you operate .

CRIME SCENE; (Most important)
1-what is crime?
Illigal act against rules ,regulation and law.
2-what is a crime scene?
an area where an illegal activity has happened
3- what are the two types of law?
civil and criminal
4- what is evidence ?
anything tangible or intangible used bye the police to prove the crime ,guilt innocence of a person .
5-What are the six types of evidence ?
direct ,primary ,secondary or documentary circumstantial, hearsay and opinion etc.
6- What is tangible evidence ?
you can see of feel it by touch. for eg: gun.
7- Whai is intangible evidence ?
you can,t see or feel it by the touch. for eg: finger print
8- what do you mean by contamintation?
Distrubing, removing ,aadding traces to the sence of crime .
9- What records will you maintain about incident /crime in your duty?
incident report ,security log book, DOB, evidence log witness statement .
10- Who are authorized to enter crime sence?
police, medical staff, finger print experts dog hhandlers police photographer.
11- How xan you prevent contamination of evidence ?
by cordoing the crime sence area and not alloweing any unauthorized person to enter inside .
12- What will you tell if there are any eye witness ?
to say as he/she can give information to the police about the crime.
13- What is civil law?
civil law is the local law (right /wrong )
14- what is criminal law?
it is the law enforced by the government .
15-What are the different types of crime ?
assault ,theft, robbery, rape, criminal damage, Burgkary etc.

SEARCH;(Most important)
-what is search?
To check a person ,bag or vehicle for security reasons.
-howmany kinds of search?
there are two kinds of search 1.Random 2.specific.
– what are the 4ps of searching ?
1.Get permission 2. be polite 3. be positive 4. be professional.
– what are the best practices of searching ?
same sex searching ,searching facililites, hand free searching and witness.
– what do you nean by self search?
asking the person to remove all the items from their pocket/bag and keep it on the table.
– what is the procedure for vehicle search?
usuing the 4ps permission ,greet and information about search policy,ask customer to park vehicle at one side, trun off the engine ,request to step out, use search mrror, asj the owner is present with you and thank for co-operation and complete the serch register.
– what is random search?
random selection ,careful selection and no discrimination .
-can you search inside the vehicle ?
no ,only police has got power .
-who should be present during locker search?
the searcher, the person whose locker is being searched and eye witness.
-who can be witness during a search?
another security guard, members of staff or authorized internal cilent.
-what is the condisitions for search ?
a:-sighed contract agreement between the cilent and the employee.
b:-signed agreement between the cilent and the security company .

conflict management;(Most important)
1-what is conflict ?
disagreement ,dispu\,argument ,quarrel  between people .
2- what is conflict management ?
managing the conflict using asserative behaviour .
3- what are the cause of conflict ?
drugs, envy, money ,jealousy , alcohol ,iliness etc.
4- what do you mean by 3 f?
fight ,flight ,freeze.
5- what is fight ?
to deal with the situation using assertive behaviour
6- what do you mean by flight ?
to run away / escape from the situation .
7- what is freeze?
nervous ,afraid ,confuse and not able to anything .
8- what are the three types of behaviour ?
asserative – its positive behaviour ,aggressive and pasive- these is negative behaviour .
9- what is POP?
people ,objects and places .
10- whai is SAFER ?
stape back, asses, find help, evaluate and respond.
11-what do you mean by WIN-WIN outcome?
you can make both the parties involved in conflict come out in agreement and happy with the result .
12- what is dynamic risk assessment ?
continues assessment of all the risk that can aris from people .these is a security guard job.
13- what is the other name of pop?
dynamic risk assessment .
14- when will you do pop?
at all time, before ,during and after the conflict .

15- which behaviour you will never use?
aggressive and passive because these is negative behaviour .

Dubai Security SIRA exam most important tips,

1. What is the relationship between the Police and security Officers?



c. Relative

d. All of the above

2. What is CPR ?

a. caradio pain report

b. caradio pulmonary rest

c. compression pulmonary resucitation

d. cardio pulmonary resuscitation

3. What is intail response when a security officer discover a fire?

a. sound the alarm

b. call the fire brigade

c. Evacuate

d. immediately go out

4. When communicating face to face 10% of our mesage is delivered by

a. body language

b. tone of voice

c. words

d. none of the above

5. Which of the following will not minimize the risk of infection to self and other ?

a. Reduce contact with blood 

b. The use of barrier  device

c. Good practice of personal hygiene

6. Intruder system detectors are looking for infra red,vibration and what is the other on

a. camera

b. pointers

c. microwave

d. Name of the above

7. it is the preconceived opinion base on little or no fact ?

a. Stereotyping

b. prejudice

c. Discrimination

8. Raised curbs falls under /

a. Mechanical 

b. Electronicals

c. Manual

d. Electrical

9. What are the types of patrolling use in high voluable areas ?

a. initial

b. interim

c. special or snap

d. last patrolling

10. What is the recommended height of fire extinguisher placement on the wall ?

a. 1 to 2 meters

b. 1 to 5 meters

c. 11 to 15 meters 

d. 3 to 4 meters

Dubai Security SIRA exam most important answer questions.

  1. Security Officers would be a deterrent to crime.
  2. Passes issued to Visitors Should contain the date of Issue or expiry.
  3. Slips,trips and falls are common reasons for accidents.
  4. The purpose of access control is not to control entry from the premises.
  5. All security Compaies in UAE need not regster theit activities with the dps and obtain a license.
  6. Passes issued to visitors need not have a date of expiry on them.
  7. A security officers can,t conduct a search without permission of the person being searched.
  8. While searching,words like please and thank you will not help to maintain a normal atmosphere.
  9. Illness shouldn,t be considered to be an emergency.
  10. Service providers must renew their employee,s licenses within 30 days of their expiry.
  11. Using a radio to report a suspicious devece mayn,t lead to an explosion should the device be remotely.
  12. When searching vehicals the driver should be asked not to switch of the engine.
  13. A gurds should not be concerned about other peoples safety before that of their own.
  14. Discrimination in when you treat the other person well due to his race or color.
  15. Hearsay evidence is acceptable by the police .
  16. A security Gurd,s employer is not an example external client.
  17. It is Permitted to discuss what a Guard does at his workplace with family and friends.

Answers ; 1- true 2- false 3- true 4 –false 5- true 6- false 7- true 8- false 9 – false 10- false 11 -false 12- false13 true 14 –false 15 –true 16 –true 17- false


Read the following sentences and chose the correct alternative .you will mark your chosen option a,b,c,d in the separate answer given to you.(mark only one option )
1.planning patrol and timings is essential .
a. to ensure all areas are visited on a regular basis .
b. As planning is a very important part of security guards job.
c. To make sure that the security guard is kept busy all the time .
d. To save time .
2. one of the main function of assess control is to maintain safety of the site,the other is:
a. security of the site 
b. reception and front desk duties
C. Gatehouse duties of the site
d. check the vehicle
3. which of the following is not a type of evidence :
a. primary
b. secondary
C. rumor
d. assumption 
4. self search is not the same as:
a. guard searching the customer 
b. opening the glove compartment of your car to show its contents to the security guard.
c. A person who is being searched remove items from the pockets and bags himself
d. guard dose a visual search .
5. which of the following action should a guard mot take upon at the sense of a crime .
a. establish a perimeter
b. Be ready to handover to the police officer
c. prevent damage
d. Tell withnesses to go way 
6. What are the different of C in CPR ?
a. circulation control and call
b. circulation call and CPR
c. circulation compression 
d. circulation control
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