Covid -19 & republic Nepal

Dr .Manoj Kumar Jha, Since last year this human living world is badly affected by Covid 19, nearly every nooks & corner of the world is unsafe to stay healthy for human beings. In beginning of this pandemic, many more so called doctors & researcher neglected the existence of the virus but slowly they agreed that the virus is harmful for us.

People now trust on warnings given by WHO. The second wave of the Covid 19 is going on & a large number of  people are dying every day. If we see only the India then more than 4,000 people are dying in a day. The situation of India is very critical. Not only the old age people but even youngsters & teenagers are dying everyday. The Indian government is trying to control the situations by using many more methods like lockdown, vacation & so on but till now there is no hopeful progress.

Nepal, a less developed & less equipped neighbouring country is mostly dependent on India. More than 85% raw materials & other daily needs materials are imported from India. And more than 75 lakhs nepalese works in India in different sectors. After the announcement of the lockdown in many states of India, the nepalese are returning back to their home to keep safe & survive themselves. But the situation of Nepal is also not the best one. More than 65 districts are totally locked by the government & nearly 20 lakhs people have departed from the valley to their villages.

The Covid patient`s pressure in villages are going to be the high soon but the governments (states,Central & local ) are still sleeping. They haven’t prepared for the critical conditions. There is no isolation center. They only talks good. totally nonsense. Few days ago only the government blamed on people for not following the guidelines declared before.

The last time in an interview with kantipur radio stations the central health minister Mr Hiredesh Tripathi blamed on everyone including the P.M. also not following the health guidelines given by the Health Ministry. Since then public have two major question for the government & health minister. Why do not the people followed the health guidelines? Who is responsible for that? As I think, the government & leaders are only responsible for it. They only blame on people to show themselves spick & spain. Otherwise, today curfuew should be ignored.

There may be thousands of people on road for protest against the lockdown. But the situation is totally different. General people are inside their home. On every chowk of valley & other towns, three layer security persons are standing to control people in lockdown.The security persons have totally followed the instruction given by the government. They are the guy to be thanked for their outstanding duties in this critical situations. But the government must have to pay attentions towards labour classes for their survival & healthy life.

The lockdown has locked the poor only inside their homes but the rich or the person having power in politics are not affected by the lockdown. They are stil working. Their`s business are going on any how. The government should have to lock all the works, firm, business, banks for a few weeks to overcome on Covid 19. But the intension of government is only to continue in power.

To continue & continue the power & politics is not exactly the Republic, people needed in Nepal or any where in the world. The main goals of a nation & government should be to protect its citizens from any danger.  People always imagine a careful government & system. The exported system is mainly responsible for the bad condition of Nepal. The present condition of Nepal explains that the system is totally failure.

The Republic system is totally failed in Nepal & as a result even in the pandemic the responsible persons are busy in earning money from back doors. They are busy in forming a new government. It means they are brutally killing people. It is the situation when people want to see the government active but there is no government ! The states & local government must have to play a vital role to protect people but they all have kept their intention in earning money only. People are out of pockets but the three layer governments are to coin money anyhow.

The situation is neither head or tail but the major political parties are involved in only politics. Is it the right time for the tug of war? They have really break the ice ! The government is supposed to be a sheet anchor for common people but it has left people to die like a dog. The scarcity oxygen, vaccines & medicine have made the situation the worst. Meanwhile, the governments announced that the situation is under control. It is the result of black system that people are compelled to survive into hot water. Why do people love you & your dog when you fast & loose?

The long & short, Republic means care of people. Care of each & every needs of people for making the society & nation well-civilized, scientific, educated & developed. But in context of Nepal, Republic is safe & sound to coin money for the so called great politician. On the other hand, common people have wear & tear life & lifestyle. Some of their followers dance by heart & soul to get the position to practice the power. Trust me, none of them are poor ! They are the real machinery throughout the so called great politicians breath.

They all together have created an artificial new Nepal where there is no democracy & no good governance. And no one follows the constitution. Few months ago only the present Prime Minister Mr KP Oli dissolved the parliament for his own interest deliberately it is illegal. People of Nepal are disappointed with this Republic & so called republican actors. With all advantages, the Republic is not succeed.

People believe that there is no milk left. But the republican actors thinks that people’s problems are nothing to them. If you ask people about republic in Nepal then they say `even after a long practice  & many more lectures we are none the wiser`. The republic in Nepal is like a dog ran after a lion. And the situation is Nepal has run heavily into debt. They pulled down the faithful monarchy to establish a new system, federal democratic republic, but new system is only fruitful for corruption, discrimination, terror & illegal activities. The real republic has passed away. Things are not looking up only political business is looking up.

The price of daily used materials are increasing day by day but the government is blind ! Never takes actions! The fruits & vegetables of farmers went bad but the government is saying that the date of the election will be given out soon ! This is the time when health services should be highly improved, medicine, vaccine medical staff & other necessary materials should be easily available every where. But the shameless government is busy for black marketing & corruption.

The duffer government suddenly announced curfew in last week but till now public haven’t got any relief materials. There is hand to mouth problem but government has no tension ! The local government only imitate the activities of central government as their main duties & sleeps well. Everyone wonders how the government can ignore its public! No doubt, the three layer governments are only watching the show.

They don’t have any responsibility for public, the voters! They are just to cast vote & pay VAT, taxes & so on. Now, the numbers of deaths are more than 250/day & if the government action will be the same then very soon the numbers of death will be 1000/day or more than that. No One hopes that there is a dog chance of improvement in government`s tendency. People of Nepal are scared because their parents, son & daughter, relatives, friends are dying every day. And they are helpless. This is really a great tragedy for them. The biggest hard time!

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called `Doctors for information` made a shocking statement during a national press conference: The Corona panic is a play. It`s a scam. A swindle.It’s high time we understood that we`re in the midst of a global crime. This large group of medical experts publishes a medical newspaper on 500,000 copies every week to inform the public about the massive misinformation in the mainstream media. They also organize mass protests in Europe, like the one on Aug. 29,2020 where million people signed up & several millions actually showed up.

Where was our republic government sleeping at that time? In 2015, `a system & Method for Testing for COVID-19` was panted by Richard Rothschild, with a Dutch government organization. Where were you, the best republican government? In 2017 & 2018-two years before COVID-19 hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.

what about you? The world Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue untill end of march 2025 then what is your plan? In 2018 Bill Gates publicly announced that a global pandemic was on it’s way that could wipe out 30 million people. Where were you busy at that time? Why didn’t you focus on? The last year WHO also warned that the COVID-19 is a danger for human civilization but our careless government didn’t pay attention.

Since last 15 years, one after another every government has the same role & intention; to make money for their coming generations anyhow. No any government has done significant works till now. Then how one can say that the government & system as good & progressive !  We don’t hesitate to announce publicly that the Fedral republic system has totally failed in Nepal ! The COVID-19 & Republic both are most dangerous harmful man made virus  & great enemy for nepalese. We have to fight with them to save our nation & people at any coast.



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